Pierre Besson

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Pierre Besson
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Alliance Insignia.png Western Alliance
Coalition Insignia.png Eastern Coalition

Colonel Pierre Besson was an Alliance intelligence officer who was responsible for leaking classified details concerning Allied fleet assignments on the eve of The Sol War, enabling the Coalition to carry out its devastating first strike. In fact, it was his actions that allowed the shipyards at Deimos and the Franco-Italian fleets to be virtually wiped out.

Besson's actions only came to light when he was arrested on November 21, 2160, after his wife reported him to Alliance authorities. His trial moved forward on February 2, the following year, as the prosecution charged him with passing on the location and activities of the Alliance Fleet before the onset of the war, along with many other pieces of intel. The trial lasted over two months, with Colonel Besson remaining silent throughout the ordeal.

On April 15, he was found guilty of three counts of treason and sentenced to death. The sentence was carried out on April 19, 2161, by firing squad.