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Black Guard

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Black Guard
Черный гвардии
Black Guard Pilot.png
Coalition Insignia.png Eastern Coalition
Ivan Petrov
Eastern Republic
Ace Fighters
CS Pukov
SL Sqdr 11.png

Black Guard (Черный гвардии) is a Coalition Insignia.png Eastern Coalition squadron in Starlancer.

Background[edit | edit source]

The infamous Black Guard is the most feared combat fighter unit in the conflict. Led by the brothers Ivan and Nicoli Petrov, they are renowned for their "No mercy" style of combat. Based on the CS Pukov, they have destroyed numerous unarmed science stations, as well as taken part in raids on civilian transports. Prior to the war, the Black Guard has been used frequently to subdue internal uprisings and colonial disputes.

The Alliance wants desperately to take out the Black Guard, and the brothers are on the most wanted list along with Admiral Kulov.